"Expressions" was built to match GMK Avanguardia keycap set.


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Expressions | GMK Avanguardia

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  • Gérard DaPoi stared at the blank canvas but the colors and shapes moved in his mind as he got lost in the textured white that sat in front of him. As his brush met his palette and he began to madly mix the colors. A little bit of blue, a little bit of red. Add some white, add some more red. All to get the perfect tint to start. When looking at this mess from the outside you would never guess this little brush holds so many “Expressions”.

  • "Expressions" is a white on white coiled cable with puruple accents. And either a white on white straight cable with purple accents or a purple on neon pink straight cable with purple accents. They are connected by a gunmetal grey 5 pin aviator connecter. *Option for chrome aviator