"Rhythm Me This" was built to match the beat machine Infinikey 808-Boom keycap set.

Rhythm Me This | Infinikey 808-Boom

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  • Brent sat down at his desk in his home studio. All day there was a beat stuck in his head that he needed to get out. As he slipped the headphones over his ears, he entered a world of his own. The dull outside world was gone and creativity from within began to flow. As his finger fell on the sample pad, “boom”, he could hear the next beat before his fingers made the motion. He got lost in the world of dotted eighth notes and compound time signatures. When he looked at the clock he realized the day had past. He shook his head in amazement as he typed in the title to save this work of art, “Rhythm Me This”!

  • "Rhythm Me This" is a Black on Black solid cable with Orange & Yellow accents. They are connected by a Red 5 pin aviator connecter. (Chrome aviator connector option available too).

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