"Frozen Fur" was built to match the beautiful GMK Yeeti keycap set.


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Frozen Fur | GMK Yeeti

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  • Yat the Yeeti was trudging through about 3 feet of snow. But it really wasn’t that much to him being he stood just over 11 feet tall. Nonetheless snow was his life. And what do you do with something that becomes tiresome that is a huge part of who you are? Especially when you’re like Yat, and you’re completely misunderstood. A towering beast of a monster! That’s what the pictures said but really, deep down that wasn’t Yat. This gentle giant slowly stomping through the snow, that would melt if it could touch his warm heart, was really just a big ball of frozen fur.

  • "Frozen Fur” is a white on white 6 inch coiled cable with white accents. And a white on light blue straight cable with white accents. They are connected by a blue frost 5 pin aviator connecter.
    *Option for chrome aviator

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