"H.U.D." was built to match the techy GMK Mecha-01 keycap set.

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H.U.D. | GMK Mecha-01

Connector Type (Device)
Length (Host Side of Cable)
Detachable Connector
Orange Accent
  • As the helmet slid over his head and powered on, all of his information was seen through purple and green digital holographic imaging. He could see his heart rate, ammo supply, oxygen level and so much more. He stepped out onto the battle ground and knew he was ready with his state of the art "H.U.D." in place.

  • "H.U.D." is an dark purple on Neon Green 6 inch coil with purple and black accents and a dark purple on lilac with black and purple accents straight cable. There is also an option to as orange accents under the purple accents. They are connected by a Matte Black or Chrome 5 pin aviator connecter.

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