"Lights Out" was built to match the subtle GMK Dark keycap set.

Lights Out | GMK Dark

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  • The sun had waned hours ago. A small flicker of a single flame was all that lit the run down shack Eli called home. His home was in the middle of the forrest that was overtaken by the Skag. One bite from these vile beast was the only thing that stood between Eli and a paralyzed body. But the flame was what stood between Eli and the Skag. He hunkered down in the corner of his 10x10 room. There was one door and no windows. So he fixed his eyes on the only entrance. Eli took a deep breathe in and as he exhaled his eyes grow big because he realized the flame sat on a stool less than a foot away, directly in front of him. He wanted the suck the air back in but it was too late. "Lights Out".

  • "Lights Out" is a carbon on black cable with black accents. It is connected by a matte black 5 pin aviator connecter. *Option for chrome aviator

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