"Llamacicle" was build to match the Frozen Llama keyboard from Ducky or any other keycap sets with similar colorways.

Llamacicle | Ducky Frozen Llama

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  • As Lilli the Llama was walking down the untraveled path she saw something in the distance. What looked like a white cloud was coming closer and closer to her. Suddenly the air around her was becoming very cold. Then she realized it wasn't a cloud at all, IT WAS SNOW. She turned to run but it was to late, as the blizzard hit Lilli she was frozen in place. The world's first "Llamacicle".

  • "Llamacicle" is an aqua on mint 6 inch coil with white and purple accents and a choice of either a purple on purple with white accents or a clear on blue with purple accents straight cable. They are connected by a 5 pin aviator connecter.

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