"Puddle Jumping" was built to match the cool tones of the GMK Rainy Day keycap set.

Puddle Jumping | GMK Rainy Day

PriceFrom $43.00
  • Lucy traced the rain droplets on the window with her tiny finger as she  stared out into the grey sky. When she saw the puddles begin to form on the sidewalk her eyes lit up with joy only a five year old would feel! She rushed to the door, slipped on her rain coat, threw her rain boots on the wrong feet and bolted outside. No umbrella was needed! Lucy was going "Puddle Jumping"!

  • "Puddle Jumping" is an aqua on white coiled cable with light grey accents. And a clear on light grey straight cable with light grey accents. They are connected by a gunmetal grey 5 pin aviator connecter. *Option for chrome aviator