"Sly" was built to match the elegant GMK Fox keycap set. A portion of all proceeds will go to Save A Fox Rescue.


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Sly | GMK Fox

PriceFrom $43.00
  • Fay the Fox was sleeking through the forest. She was using ever tree and rock to hide her slender body. There was no one that was going to catch her. She came to a clearing, she could hear the steps of the mountain lion behind her but she also knew above her was predator as well. An eagle flying high waiting for the right moment to swoop down and take Fay right from the ground she knew so well. She took one deep breath and without warning she darted across the clearing. Reaching the end of the field she took one large leap into the brush that hid her orange coat so well. There was no one in these woods as "Sly" as this fox!

  • "Sly” is a white on silver grey 6 inch coiled cable with green accents. They are connected by a Autumn Orange 5 pin aviator connecter.
    *Option for chrome aviator