"In the Shadows" was built to match the dark GMK Evil Dolch keycap set.

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In the Shadows | GMK Evil Dolch

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  • It was late at night as Jade walked alone through the dark forrest. The moon light peaked through the trees and dimly lit the forrest floor. With no path to guide her, Jade's senses were heightened. Adrenaline running through her veins with fear of what might be around her. It was almost as if she counted every step she took. Step, step, step, stop. Deep breath. Two red beady eyes were watching every step she took, "In the Shadows".

  • "In the Shadows" is a Black on Black coiled cable with Black accents and a Carbon on Gunmetal Grey straight cable with Black accents. They are connected by a Red 5 pin aviator connecter. (Also a Chrome 5 pin aviator connecter option).

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